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Simón Diaz meets David Brubeck in a new video by Raquel Cepeda

Houston, Tuesday November 22. For immediate release.

Venezuelan Jazz singer Raquel Cepeda published today her latest exploration in Venezuelan Jazz with a new video on her YouTube Channel. The video shows a live performance of a mashup of two iconic songs, El Becerrito by Venezuelan composer Simon Díaz, and Take Five by American composer David Brubeck. Two songs conceived in far reaching geographical locations and cultures, but that speak to each other by their characteristic use of non binary rhythms, respectively 5/8 and 5/4, beautifully interwoven together in this arrangement and interpretation.

The band is composed by Cepeda on vocals, Venezuelan pianist William Sigismondi, who also made the arrangement, the American bassist Thomas Helton, the Brazilian drummer Adriano Santos, and the Cuban clarinetist Ernesto Vega.

The audio recording and mixing was made by William Sigismondi, and the masterization by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Studios. The video was shot by Helton Mendes with editing by Raquel Cepeda.

El Becerrito / Take Five by Raquel Cepeda and her band. To watch the video click here.


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