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"There is a breathtaking array of music on this album Passion by Raquel Cepeda – music from an array of South American traditions as well as from the northern realm of Jazz. (...) Her uncompromising professionalism and prodigiously gifted artistry shines throughout the hour-or-so of music. It’s simply not a stretch at all for her to traverse the varied cultural topography with disparate music, making this into a journey of a myriad of soundscapes; disparate ones woven into a magical tapestry of sound. (...) Passion is absolutely an album to die for."

Raul Da Gama - The Latin jazz Network

Toronto, Canada


Passion - Latin Jazz Audio CD (Autographed)

Passion - Latin Jazz Audio CD (Autographed)



I'm Confessin'

"This eclectic mixture of American, Brazilian, and Venezuelan influences marks the solo debut of a phenomenal jazz vocalist who is ready to take you on a journey that is sure to move your heart and mind in kind."

Tyran Grillo