• Raquel Cepeda, Jazz Singer

Wherever Passion Takes Us

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Raquel Cepeda and her Latin Jazz band, Passion, performing as a septet at Discovery Green Park. Photo by Helton Mendes.

Last Friday I gave a concert at Discovery Green with my Latin Jazz band, Passion. It was a very important concert which came as an invitation from Da Camera, one of the greatest jazz and chamber music promoters in Houston.

Their invitation came as a welcomed surprise, and luckily I was ready to respond. They wanted to have a Latin Jazz Night, and I have been doing some Latin Jazz since last year. It started with my involvement as a singer with Jorge Orta's (Cro-Cro) Latin Jazz project, "Jazzismo", and it was well infused also with a fair share of Brazilian music with my other out-of-the country band, Brazil Samba Jazz, with Marvio Ciribelli.

But Passion is a project entirely led and promoted by myself, and is Houston based, and in its early stages it came as a response to the demands of a good friend, Melissa Noble, who kept insisting that I should do a Latin Jazz show.

It happened just fall of last year in 2017. Up until then I was happy doing American Swing with my Jazz Quartet and of course Brazilian music, and never considered carrying an exclusively Latin Jazz repertoire that included Cuban, Caribbean and Afro rhythms. For me it was fine to be invited to play with Jo