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Moon River: An Offering To The Water. Candid Video

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Dear friends I am sharing a very special moment that I had in my recent trip to the Peninsula de Yucatan in Mexico. My husband and I found a little off the path, hidden cenote (cave with underground water) close to the area of Tulum and we had the fortune of spending a full afternoon there. After long hours of what felt like a meditative and healing trance, of conversations back and forth with the water, the stone, and the light, after being caressed by the reflections of the light over the stone, lullabied by the drops of water softly percolating from the ceiling, I felt the compulsion of leaving my own sound vibrations resonating in this magical place, and I asked my husband to record my offering. This is a very intimate memory. There is nothing staged here. The images were recorded with my cellphone. No make up artists, no sound board, just the natural acoustics of the cave, the soft murmur of the water and my husband and I in awe and profound gratitude with the earth for cradling us in its silence that day and letting us engrave the color of that blue in our eyes and our hearts forever.

Click on the picture to play the video. Hugs. Raquel

Images by Helton Mendes

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