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Bye Bye Wordpress. My Blog has a new home.

Updated: May 25, 2021

Raquel Cepeda | Houston Jazz Singer | Blog

Dear friends,

I am excited to announce that I have finalized the process of migrating my two blogs: "Raquel Cepeda Music" and "Words for Thought", previously hosted by Wordpress, to a unique home residing directly into my website:

I love sharing stories with my fans, friends and followers, and having my blog as part of my website makes it easier for me to share those news with you, and also for you to check upon me whenever you want to know what's going on.

My new, unique, blog site now consists of several categories, with include:

  • It Happened To Me: Real stories of my life with an interesting twist and a lesson to share.

  • Words for Thought: When inspiration hits from higher places and for greater causes, this is where I pour it out.

  • The Healing Corner: You probably didn't know that I am passionate about the healing power of nature. I haven't started writing here yet, but I have lots of things to share in this regard, which I will start posting in this section very soon.

  • The Artist Talk: I will be talking about other artists worth learning about in the visual, performing, and culinary arts.

  • Raquel Recommends: A section dedicated to share my recommendations about restaurants, books, shows, and things to do in Houston and other parts of the world.

  • In Spanish: Some of my articles I have translated to Spanish. This is where you can access them.

The best way to get the updates is to stay in tune with my emails by subscribing. You can also come and visit anytime that you want:

I really hope that you can enjoy and benefit form my articles, or at least get a good laugh.

Happy reading!

With love,

Raquel Cepeda | Houston Jazz Singer

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© Raquel Cepeda Jazz Singer y, 2016. El uso y duplicación no-autorizados de este material sin el permiso expreso y escrito de la autora o dueña de este sitio web están estrictamente prohibidos. Está autorizada la citación de frases y el compartir de los enlaces, entendiendo que se de crédito claro a Raquel Cepeda Houston Jazz Singer y añadiendo de forma apropiada y específica la dirección al contenido original.

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