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Say It While You Can

Updated: May 25, 2021

Oh l'amour. You feel it when someone hugs you or tells you with words and actions that there is no other place that they'd rather be but right there with you. A force that warms the coldest of the nights. A fire that makes you move mountains and turn the wheels of the Universe. Love is nurtured with gestures, with words. When you love, say it. Show it. Say it while you can, because life is short! Say it often.

Valentine's Day is approaching and it's the perfect occasion to express through words, gestures and actions your love for that person that is so spacial to you. There is no need to spend big money, or to go over the top. Small but above all, thoughtful gestures are plenty to show how much the other one means to you. Those words and actions make life full of flavor, of spice, of memories worth keeping. No matter how much the other person has heard from you the words "I love you" never give for granted these special opportunities to show again and again who is your Valentine! Valentine's Day is an occasion that I take seriously. Was I always that way? No. I think I learned over the years. I learned that giving in such occasion can be part of the daily demonstrations of love, but even if you demonstrate daily, missing a demonstration on that particular day can leave a dent of your lover's heart. And we want to keep that heart full of colors, and warmth and gestures for when the rainy days come along, which they do. And is the memory of the good moments, of the good gestures of the plentiness and generosity of your love that can help those bumpy rides get back to smooth in no time.

​I am getting ready for my concert "Jazz on Valentine's" at the Match Theater next Wednesday Feb 14. Everything is coming along great and I am super excited because the music is sounding astounding and the tickets are flying! If you are planning to come make sure that you get your tickets before they run out here. This will be a super romantic evening with a fantastic repertoire that we have prepared. The amazing musicians Grant Gist on piano, Osama Raad @orjazz on drums, Glen Ackerman @gleniousinnerplanet, and trumpeter Denis Dotson will be with me bringing this music to you. I am looking forward to this day!

With Love,


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