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Dance To Connect With The Universe

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Raquel Cepeda | Houston Jazz Singer. Geologist.

Photo credit: Diana Simonetta

Dance is an exercise for the soul. To enjoy it you have to stop looking outside and turn your attention to the inside. You are forced to live a moment completely engaged in the present. It is the climax of all the cognitive and spiritual faculties given to us: the natural appreciation for music, the expression of the visual, quick decision making, emotional intention, and ability to learn.

Dance when you are joyous, and dance to seek joy as well. Dance to connect yourself with the Universe, dance to connect with others, just as the wisdom of the ancient cultures brought into sacred practice. For rhythm, pulses, movement, and cycles are the natural state of all things created. From the smallest atom with it’s particles orbiting around it, to the beats of your heart, to the orbiting of the stars around the galaxies and the galaxies moving trough the universe. Our physical world is woven through the steady, rhythmic, movement that happens at every level of the creation.

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Raquel Cepeda | Houston Jazz Singer. Geologist.

Raquel Cepeda | Houston Jazz Singer

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