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The Helix

Updated: Jul 2, 2020


at all levels,

in all sizes,



All in rounds,

all in cycles.

The Helix.

All the levels of creation,

different frequencies,

different scales,

separate our dimensions.

And yet all


and circulates…

all in rounds,

all in cycles.

That which looks still,

is not.


It mumbles and rumbles

like the river.

Can you hear it?

The speed at which you travel,

can you see it?

And at this level,

where we can experience our own consciousness,

we are just a step in this infinite progression of




That, which is inside us,

and outside us,

and that moves,

and its consciousness,

can you feel it?

Yet we are all contained into each other.

Ever traveling.

Ever cycling.

Ever expanding.

Like the Helix.

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Raquel Cepeda | Houston Jazz Singer. Geologist

Raquel Cepeda | Houston Jazz Singer

Photo Credit: M106 Spiral Galaxy as imaged using the Hubble Telescope.

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