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Valentine's Video: Behind the Scenes at Ipanema

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Nothing more romantic than a partner that supports you in all your endeavors. Let me share a little story about how this video was made. Some people that have already seen it tell me how they loved it and how impressed they were by it. When I tell them that it was done by my Husband Helton and I they can't contain their awe. Remember my past tour to Brazil? My band Brazil Samba Jazz and I got to perform at São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. They were busy days. Helton, my love and my pillar, was there on everything helping me, taking pictures, videos of the performances, helping me carry things. While in Rio, I asked Helton to take advantage of the beach to go and do some pictures together. We knew that the best time to do that would be first thing in the morning. So we woke up 5 am to get ready and be out and about at 6 am with the first ray of sunlight. The beach was empty. It was the beginning of December, which in Brazil, contrary to the northern hemisphere, is spring, just before Summer, but temperatures were still a bit cold. The sun had been hiding behind a dense mantle of clouds for the past three days and no one in the city felt like facing the weather. We had Ipanema all to ourselves. Contrary to the video, there was silence, and only the sound of the waves reaching the shore could be heard. With a very simple make up, and a very light breakfast in our stomachs we began experimenting with the camera and took these beautiful slow-motion shots and pictures, playing with the wind, back and forth on walks, dancing around. The clouds finally dissipated out that day for the first time in days later in the morning and we finished our journey at about 10 am, when the sun was too hard to bear by the lens and people started coming out from their hidings to enjoy a sunny Rio again. Back at home in Houston, I worked on the edition myself to get the video finalized. But all though these experience I can't help but think how lucky I am to have my very own and incomparable Valentine Helton Mendes, who pleased me in coming to Rio for my shows, who woke up early during his vacation time to take these pictures and videos, who supported all my engagements, and who cares about me as he cares for himself. How thankful I am to have him in my life. Please visit Helton's facebook page and give him a like or a review to encourage him in his photography endeavors. Thank you Meu Amor Helton.

Raquel Cepeda

Houston Jazz Singer


Helton Mendes Brazilian photo artist based in Houston with a passion for composition and telling a story through an image. Helton has worked extensively on artist and concert photography.

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