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Announcing: House Concerts

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

The Raquel Cepeda Jazz Quartet at a House Concert

You love music and have many friends that do too. You are a great host and can have 30-60 people in your house for a unique jazz music event with me and my trio. A concert for 1 to 1.5 hours to delight your guests and enjoy the beauty of friendship and music. It's not out of reach. With a little bit of organization and participation from all your friends it can be done.

Dear Friends,

I am excited to introduce a fabulous concept in music experience that will allow you to enjoy live music in the comfort of your home, while making a statement of culture among your friends. I am offering a new modality of sharing our live music with you: House Concerts.

What do House Concerts mean?

It literally means that the Raquel Cepeda Jazz Quartet, or a trio o duo setting will perform a 1 to 1.5 hr concert at your house to your and your friends. The purpose? It may be just sharing and enjoying the music. It may be to reunite with your old high school friends. It may be to have a holiday celebration. Or it may be for your birthday party. The excuses to make it happen are endless.

Is music is expensive? how can I afford it?

In a House Concert, the host may take the responsibility of covering the band's performance fees, but it may also be spread among the participants as a suggested donation or a cover fee. You may also decide as a host to offer drinks and appetizers, or may suggest your friends to bring a dish to share. So, money is not a limiting factor for having these type of concerts, just the willingness, and friends that are so enthusiast about live music as you are.

I think I like it! What do I need to do?

To host a House Concert, you just need to:

Provide a residential place (your home or someone else's home) that has capacity of at lest 30-60 people.

You may provide seating your your guests to enjoy the concert (you may rent seats or have everybody bring a cushion to sit on the floor)

Send out the appropriate invitations either electronically or by mail to guarantee at least 30 of your friends/family attending your home for the event.

You may designate someone at your entrance to collect the cover charge and guarantee that you can cover the cost.

I can do that! Then what happens?

I will help you providing you any pictures/materials/information about my band and how to put the invitation together and I will book you on my calendar. The day of the show we will set up our sound a and light equipment before your guests start arriving. Then, we will play a beautifully selected repertoire to your audience and share with everybody afterwards.

Great. Just give me a call at +1(832) 464-JAZZ or send me an email to and we'll make it happen!

You can also click here:

See you on a song!

With love,

Raquel Cepeda | Houston Jazz Singer

Photos: Helton Mendes

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