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Let Nothing Trouble You

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

There is a powerful poem by St. Theresa of Avila that I have used in many occasions when times in my life are difficult, and that I have shared with my loved ones when they are going through trials themselves. The poem, written by Theresa of Avila, a Spanish mystic and Carmelite nun born in 1515 and canonized by the Catholic Church in 1622, consists of 9 verses, written originally in Spanish.

IMG_3444I wanted to share the poem with a dear friend who is currently going through a time of trials, and he doesn’t speak Spanish. When I searched on Google for the translation I was disappointed to find that most translations only present the first verse. Even though the first verse is already very powerful, I think a big part of the delight and healing from this beautiful poem is lost when not translated in full.

In leu of not finding any other translation for the whole poem, I have decided to do the translation of the full text myself and share it with you. I hope it benefits you. Keep it close by.

Let Nothing Trouble you (Nada te Turbe)

By Theresa of Avila

English Translation by Raquel Cepeda

“Let nothing trouble you

Let nothing frighten you

All things pass away.

God never changes.

Patience reaches everything

God alone is enough.

Let your thoughts elevate

Raise them up to heaven

Let nothing sadden you

Let nothing trouble you.

Follow Jesus

with an open heart

And whatever comes

Let nothing frighten you.

Do you see the glory of the world?

It’s vain glory

Nothing has of stable

All things pass away.

Aspire to the celestial