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Nothing more romantic than a partner that supports you in all your endeavors. Let me share a little story about how this video was made.
Some people that have already seen it tell me how they loved it and how impressed they were by it. When I tell them that it was done...

A reflection about time and how every experience resides in the deepest parts of out brains and hearts. By Raquel Cepeda, Houston Jazz singer.

Maybe because the ingredients are always fresh. Maybe because everything is always prepared only when you order it. Maybe because everything is made from scratch.


If you are lucky enough to bump into a tiny cafe off Sheppard and W. Main called Gusto Gourmet, you may di...


It was 10 am on s Saturday and I was wearing a black dress, the red flower on my head. As I looked at the mirror I went throughout all the details of my appearance: red lips carefully outlined, the right balance on my makeup, curls in good shape, and one more t...

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Say it while you can

February 6, 2018

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"This eclectic mixture of American, Brazilian, and Venezuelan influences marks the solo debut of a phenomenal jazz vocalist who is ready to take you on a journey that is sure to move your heart and mind in kind."

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