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Latest reflections on love and the importance of gestures.

A reflection about time and how every experience resides in the deepest parts of out brains and hearts. By Raquel Cepeda, Houston Jazz singer.

La vida

a todos los niveles

en todos los tamaños



Todo en vueltas,

todo en ciclos.

La Hélice.

A todos los niveles de la creación

diferentes frecuencias,

diferentes escalas,

separan nuestras dimensiones.

Y todo así



todo en vueltas,

todo en ciclos.


​Dear friends,

Think Peace, Be Peace: this is my message for you this Christmas and I hope it stays in your hearts and lasts forever.

Our wold is living an escalate of violence, intolerance, and terror. If you are reading this message you are probably lucky of not being...

There is a powerful poem by St. Theresa of Avila that I have used in many occasions when times in my life are difficult, and that I have shared with my loved ones when they are going through trials themselves. The poem, written by Theresa of Avila, a Spanish mystic and...

If something or someone goes out of your life, always give thanks.

The Universe is giving you space for something better.

Let it flow.

Go with the flow.

And soon enough you’ll find yourself in a much better place.

Raquel Cepeda | Houston Jazz Singer


© Raq...


at all levels,

in all sizes,



All in rounds,

all in cycles.

The Helix.

All the levels of creation,

different frequencies,

different scales,

separate our dimensions.

And yet all


and circulates…

all in rounds,

all in cycles.

That which looks still,


In 2012, on a train journey from Sorrento to Rome, Italy, I had an epiphany. I had to take my notebook and write.

“Beauty is not a superficial thing. It’s the most sublime expression of love. As beautiful are the flowers, the infinite shapes and colors of fish, the feat...

En 2012, en un viaje de Sorrento a Roma, Italia, tuve una revelación. Tuve que tomar mi carderno y escribir.

“La belleza no es una cosa superficial. Es la expresión más sublime del amor. Como bellas son las flores, las infinitas formas y colores de los peces, el plumaje...

Dance is an exercise for the soul. To enjoy it you have to stop looking outside and turn your attention to the inside. You are forced to live a moment completely engaged in the present. It is the climax of all the cognitive and spiritual faculties given to us: the natu...

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Say it while you can

February 6, 2018

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"This eclectic mixture of American, Brazilian, and Venezuelan influences marks the solo debut of a phenomenal jazz vocalist who is ready to take you on a journey that is sure to move your heart and mind in kind."

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