Valentine's Video: Behind the Scenes at Ipanema

Nothing more romantic than a partner that supports you in all your endeavors. Let me share a little story about how this video was made. Some people that have already seen it tell me how they loved it and how impressed they were by it. When I tell them that it was done by my Husband Helton and I they can't contain their awe. Remember my past tour to Brazil? My band Brazil Samba Jazz and I got to perform at São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. They were busy days. Helton, my love and my pillar, was there on everything helping me, taking pictures, videos of the performances, helping me carry things. While in Rio, I asked Helton to take advantage of the beach to go and do some pictures together. We

Does It Happen To You?

A reflection about time and how every experience resides in the deepest parts of out brains and hearts.


Houston Jazz Singer / Songwriter   

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